BYJU’S unveils a new personalized learning experience for students

Nov 13 2017

BYJU’S, one of the world’s most popular learning apps for school students has recently unveiled a major update focused at revolutionizing personalized learning experiences for students across grades.

Featuring unique learn journeys, guided paths, actionable feedback and intelligent recommendations, this version of the app is interactive in nature. Taking personalized learning to a whole new level, BYJU’S has leveraged big data analytics to trace the learning fingerprint of every student and create a personalised learning experience on its platform. Offering an engaging and effective learning experience, the app creates personalized learn journeys for individual students based on their proficiency levels and capabilities which helps them learn at their own pace and style.

About 300,000 students have downloaded the app in GCC countries with 40 per cent of from UAE alone. Speaking about the massive adoption of the app, Byju said, “At BYJU’S, we have successfully transformed the one-to-many learning model to one-on-one personalized learning experiences through our app. It is extremely encouraging to see this scale of response. To ensure a better and deeper connect with the students of this region, we are setting up dedicated teams here who will be available to help students understand and experience personalized learning.”

Byju further added, “At BYJU’S we strongly believe that children learn better when they love what they learn. Children these days are already friendly with smartphones and if something this effective and powerful comes on it, it becomes even more attractive to them. With 51 minutes spent on the app daily and close to 90% as renewal rates, we have set a new benchmark in the way students across age groups learn.”

BYJU’S currently has learning programs for math and science for students in classes 4-12. Overwhelmed by the response in GCC, it is planning to launch programs in more subjects and in other languages like Arabic soon.

In this new version, the lessons on the application are recommended based on a student’s learning style and academic requirements. Assessments are integrated with the videos to support knowledge acquisition. When a student struggles on an assessment, each wrong answer is mapped to a specific learning gap and targeted remedial videos and activities are recommended as review.


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