LÈTEN unveils new seasonal menu

LèTen at Dubai Mall has introduced a new seasonal Menu that explores the true taste of Spring time in Asia!

Masterminded by LèTen’s team of all-star chefs, the new Spring menu includes an array of exquisite dishes like the locally caught Sweet & Sour Hamour, marinated and cooked in a lip-smackingly sweet and sour sauce. Sticking with spring tastes from the sea, there is a rare and unique creation called Crispy Prawn with Chicken Floss. It is presented in the form of crispy de-shelled shrimps coated with a special Japanese mayonnaise and fluffy chicken floss.

If fish isn’t really your thing, they also have Sizzling Beef Scallion served on a scorching stone plate. This can be topped off with a choice of fresh Mango Sago Pomelo, or traditional Red Bean Soup served with black sesame paste dumpling.


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