Somewhere Hotel opens its signature coffee shop

Somewhere Hotels has recently opened its coffee shop, #Somewhere Coffee Shop. It is the latest edition to its 301-room hotel at ‘Barsha Heights’, previously known as Tecom. A grab-and-go concept, the signature coffee shop integrates with the hotel’s main lobby.

Serving as a social hub in the area, #Somewhere Coffee Shop operates as part of the Somewhere Hotel’s brand, and serves a full range of delights such as a freshly-brewed coffee, muffins, cookies, croissants, and cheesecake. The cosy coffee bar, which can accommodate up to 35 pax in its rustic indoor area, and 21 pax on the patio, is the perfect setting for offices and residence alike to charge up, refresh, and get into the work mode!

Setting new trends, Somewhere Hotels the ultimate mid-market hotel with central access to the cities destinations, clean and spacious rooms furnished with all the latest equipment.


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