Face it

Smooth skin is just a face mask away especially since our recipes have the most nourishing ingredients

Our skin, especially facial skin, stands up to a lot of challenges, including the regular use of make-up that often clogs our pores, harsh UVA and B rays that leave our skin wrinkled and damaged and unhealthy habits such as smoking that cause fine lines and dullness.

Regular care and pampering can help restore your skin’s health. You don’t need to get fancy facials or slather on expensive creams; use any one of the nourishing masks we have chosen for their nourishing, calming and brightening properties.

Banana skin smoothie


Mash a medium-sized ripe banana; mix with 1/4 cup plain yogurt and two tablespoons of honey. Apply it to a clean face; leave on for 20 minutes and wash off. The mask is great for stressed out skin that is prone to acne. It will leave your skin feeling smooth and radiant.

Milky way

Mix 1/4 cup powdered milk with enough water to form a thick paste. Thoroughly coat your face with the mixture, let it dry completely, and rinse it off with warm water. Your face will feel fresh and rejuvenated. The lactic acid in the milk will instantly brighten your face.

Avocado delight

Mix half a ripe avocado with a teaspoon each of plain organic yogurt and honey; make it a smooth paste. You can also add a teaspoon of olive or almond oil (if your skin is very dry).

Apply to clean skin and leave on for 20 minutes. Wash off with warm water. This mask will help moisturise dry skin and is also great for its anti-ageing benefits.

Slough and soft

Mix two tablespoons each of brown sugar and virgin cold pressed coconut oil to form a scrub. Gently rub this mix on your face in gentle circular motions for a minute and wash it off with warm water.

The brown sugar will exfoliate dead skin and the oil will infuse moisture into your skin, leaving it soft and smooth.

Strawberry shake

This is an amazing mask for acne prone skin. Mix 1/4 cup of mashed strawberries, a tablespoon each of lemon juice, yogurt and honey. Apply this mix to clean skin and leave on for 20 minutes. Wash off with warm water. The lemon will leave your skin radiant, and help lighten marks and blemishes; strawberries contain salicylic acid, which will help dry out acne; yogurt and honey will nourish your skin.


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