Rasit Bagzibagli launches first Bridal Collection

Turkish fashion and couture designer Rasit Bagzibagli has launched his first Wedding/Bridal Collection. The new collection fuses lace, brocades, tulle and chiffon into free-flowing creations that ensconce the wearer in elegance.

The collection revolves around the significance of the wedding day, and the central role the dress plays in proceedings.

“Weddings are special occasions, and the wedding dress is a centerpiece of the day. It’s essential to get the right fit and visual appeal. I want my brides to benefit from the self-confidence that comes with an incredibly elegant dress that fits like a glove. My inspiration for this collection was collective – I designed dresses for all the brides in my mind’s eye, trying to perfect the cut to fit each one of them,” said Bagzibagli.

The designs pay tribute to the current trend of very long tails and 3D flowers, while maintaining a timeless elegance.

Bagzibagli’s collection is flexible and flattering of the female form, furthering the designer’s key ethos of feminine elegance. A-cut dress embrace curves, while mermaid-cut creations cater for the tall and slim. Princess-cut tails, V-necks and scarlet-cut decollates all make an appearance in the new collection.


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