Territoire(s) brings exquisite French craftsmanship to Design Days Dubai

Territoire(s) introduced finest examples of French design and exquisite craftsmanship at Design Days Dubai. Territoire(s) has rediscovered the essence of an audacious and contemporary French lifestyle that co-exists between art and design, which will be presented to the region’s interior design professionals and design aficionados during the exhibition.

The curated collection, in partnership with Maison Parisienne, features limited edition creations from France’s most talented craftsmen and women. A unique embodiment of the country’s vibrant culture, traditions and expert workmanship, the pieces featured have been crafted from refined materials using the most precise and delicate techniques.

The collection has been brought together by Territoire(s) Founder and CEO, Arnaud Fontani. As a renowned architect and advisor to businesses on art acquisition, Arnaud Fontani launched Territoire(s) in Dubai to showcase the unique works of French art and design he is passionate about.

“I am fascinated by Dubai, a city rich in diversity that communicates such positive energy,” says Arnaud Fontani. “For me, Dubai is quickly becoming the emerging scene for art and design and I am excited to see the scene continue to develop in the coming years.”

Mediums represented in the exhibition included marquetry, wood-turning and cabinet making, glasswork, goldsmithing, copper and brassware, and embroidery and lace.


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